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Let an Experienced Denver Landscaper Bring Your Landscape to life!

Is your current landscape losing its charm, or are you looking for the best landscape idea to beautify your home? We specialize in reviving and revamping outdoor spaces in Denver.

My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing is a Denver landscaper with a strong reputation for installing the best landscapes in Denver and revamping landscapes that have lost their appeal.

With a vast knowledge of the typical landscape flora in Denver, we meticulously design, construct, and install landscapes that capture the exact expectations of property owners across Denver.

Our experts are also skilled in ongoing landscape maintenance, so you can rely on us to keep your landscape in its best form for as long as you want. Contact us today, and watch as we skillfully integrate design, construction, and maintenance to redefine your outdoor space.

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Explore Our Portfolio of Breathtaking Denver Landscaper Projects Across

Curious about what to expect when you partner with us? Take a delightful journey through our portfolio to see the breathtaking landscaping projects we have completed across Denver.

Facilities We Cover In Denver

Gardens/Residential Landscapes

Transforming your home's outdoor spaces into extraordinary beauty is our specialty. Depending on your preference or the uniqueness of your property, we draw from our years of experience to design, construct, and install beautiful garden landscapes.

We typically lean towards personalization to ensure we deliver a landscape design that perfectly aligns with your vision. From vibrant plant selections and landscape lighting to precise layout and fencing, we make sure that every detail reflects your expectations.


Lawn Revamp

We can help you bring your lawn back to life! Our lawn revamping services stand out among other Denver landscapers because of our keen eye for detail, innovative approach to landscaping, and experience in the landscaping business. Our team assesses soil health, selects the ideal grass varieties, and implements tailored solutions to ensure a lush, vibrant, and resilient lawn that truly stands the test of time.

Patio Landscape Installation/Renovation

If you’re looking to surround yourself with a beautiful lush green and exquisitely designed patio, My Son's Landscaping & Fencing can help you achieve just that. We integrate design into nature to create an inviting outdoor space that is both relaxing and entertaining. From innovative layouts to durable materials, we leverage our knowledge and craftsmanship to enhance your patio's aesthetic and practical appeal.

Backyard Landscape

At My Son's Landscaping & Fencing, we can help you unleash the full beauty of your backyard with our transformative landscape solutions. Our team envisions and implements designs that maximize space utilization, ensuring your backyard becomes a harmonious extension of your living area. With a deep understanding of Denver's climate, we select flora that thrives in backyards, and we can even customize your backyard landscaping to your preference.

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Denver Landscaping

Why Choose Us as Your Denver Landscaper?

At My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing, we are the artisans of outdoor transformation. We have to our credit the installation of some of the best landscapes in Denver as well as a number of remarkable landscaping revamping projects within the Denver area. This is why our customers choose us:

Vast Experience in Crafting Landscapes in Denver

With an in-depth understanding of Denver’s unique flora, we create landscapes that precisely match the expectations of property owners across the city. Our meticulous approach to design, construction, and installation ensures your outdoor space becomes a true reflection of what you’ve always wanted.

Ongoing Maintenance

Our Denver landscaper services don’t end with the design and installation of your landscape. We also provide ongoing maintenance or continuous landscape maintenance. This will help ensure that your outdoor remains in its pristine form for the long haul.

Eco-Focused Practices

We focus on the use of sustainable flora and employ landscape designs that harmonize with Denver’s environment. Choosing My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing means partnering with a team that not only envisions beautiful landscapes but does so with a sustainable mindset.

Experience the Landscape Transformation You’ve Always Dreamed of

Ready to turn your landscape dreams into reality? Reach out to us, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Let My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing be the architects of your outdoor dreams for your property.

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Denver Landscaping
Denver Landscaping
Denver Landscaping