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Landscape Designers in Denver

Our suite of integrated services ensures the highest degree of quality, safety, efficiency, and innovation on your projects.

Providing Custom Landscape Solutions

Landscape, Hardscape and Concrete

Landscape design and install
Softscape design and install
Xeriscape a Colorado favorite
Artificial grass
Retaining Walls
Paver patios
Landscape irrigation
Landscape lighting
Outdoor fire pit
Outdoor kitchens
Outdoor patio covers>br> Pergoias

Fencing, Lumber and Decks

Privacy ceder fences and custom design
Horizontal fence designs
Ranch rail and split rail fences
Ornamental fences
Chain link fences
Sliding gates and automated gates
Custom dog fences

Landscape Designers Denver

Need Experienced Landscape Designer in Denver?

Do you need custom designs for your beautiful landscape? Here at My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing, we’ve built a large database of local Denver flora, including common landscape plants, trees, and groundcovers that match Denver’s planting zones, sun, and water requirements. We focus on plants that contribute to the overall aesthetics of your landscape.

Do you have the perfect landscape idea for your property or wish to redesign your landscape, but are not sure how to achieve your dream? You can partner with My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing today to get the perfect landscape design for your peorperty.

Schedule a free initial property assessment today.

Beautifying the Denver Metro Area with Custom Landscape Designs

At the heart of our landscape design service in Denver is a commitment to understanding your lifestyle, preferences, and the distinct features or elements of your property. Our seasoned landscape designers collaborate closely with you, ensuring that every element of the landscape architecture aligns with your beautification idea and functional needs.

Key Elements of Our Landscape Design and Architecture Service

Personalized Design Consultations

Before we begin the design, we provide initial personalized consultation, where our landscape designers delve into the details of your ideas, expectations, and features of your landscape. This is aimed at capturing your ideas and figuring out the best landscape design for your outdoor space. 

Site Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of your property, taking into account its topography, existing vegetation (including ground cover and trees), sunlight exposure, shade, water requirement, and other crucial factors. This detailed site analysis will ultimately inform the architecture and design of your landscape.

3D Visualization

To give you a better idea of what to expect after the project is completed, we also provide an immersive 3D visualization of the proposed landscape design. In addition to letting you see your landscape design come to life before implementation, you get the chance to provide us with your feedback and suggest improvements based on what you do like and your overall expectations.

Plant Selection and Layout

Having successfully implemented several landscape design and construction projects in many homes across the Denver Metro area, we have a deep understanding of Denver’s climate and soil conditions

With this knowledge, we meticulously select landscape flora that will enhance the beauty of your landscape while also thriving in the local environment. In the plant layout designs, you will be able to visualize the plant spread on your property when the project is completed.