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Top-rated Landscaping Services Near Denver, CO

Are you in search of exceptional landscaping services near Denver, CO? You’re right where you want to be! My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing is your trusted local partner for top-tier landscaping services in Denver, CO.

Our team brings years of experience and expertise to transform your outdoor spaces with precision and creativity while ensuring the final results reflect your dream for your home.

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Serving the Denver Metro Area With the Best Landscaping Services

Check out the broad range of our landscaping services in the Denver metro area and surrounding cities.  

Gardens/Residential Landscapes

Depending on your landscaping preference or the uniqueness of your Denver property, we draw from our years of experience to design, construct, and install beautiful garden landscapes. We often lean towards personalization to ensure we deliver a landscape design that perfectly aligns with your expectations for your home. 

Our garden landscaping services range from vibrant plant selections and landscape lighting to precise layout and fencing, and we make sure that every detail reflects the landscape you’ve envisioned.

Lawn Revamp

We can help you bring your lawn back to life! Our lawn revamping services stand out among other residential landscaping services in Denver because of our keen eye for detail, innovative approach to landscaping, and experience in the landscaping business. Our team assesses soil health, selects the ideal grass varieties, and implements tailored solutions to ensure a lush, vibrant, and resilient lawn that truly stands the test of time.

Patio Landscape Installation/Renovation

If you’re looking to surround yourself with a beautiful lush green and exquisitely designed patio, My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing can help you achieve just that. We integrate design into nature to create an inviting outdoor space that is relaxing and entertaining. From innovative layouts to durable materials, we leverage our knowledge and craftsmanship to enhance your patio’s aesthetic and practical appeal.

Backyard Landscape

At My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing, we can help you unleash the full beauty of your backyard with our transformative landscape solutions. Our team envisions and implements designs that maximize space utilization, ensuring your backyard becomes a harmonious extension of your living area. With a deep understanding of Denver’s climate, we select flora that thrives in backyards, and we can even customize your backyard landscaping to your preference.

Fencing Your Landscape

To preserve the beauty of your landscape and protect your investment, you can install custom-fabricated fencing around it. We offer a variety of fencing options tailored to your needs, whether it’s for privacy, aesthetics, or safety. Our team ensures precise installation, creating boundaries that complement and elevate your overall landscape design.

Tree Care

The trees are part of your landscape and deserve to be cared for, just as much as the grasses. Our tree care services range from branch pruning to disease prevention, and our arborists provide expert care to keep your trees thriving; we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each tree.

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For over 5 years, our team at My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing has been a trusted name in crafting beautiful residential landscapes in the Denver metro area. 

From initial cleanup to ongoing maintenance, our comprehensive services cater to all homeowners in Denver. 

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