Denver Landscaping Services & Lawn Maintenance



If you’re looking for reliable Denver landscaping services to build your new landscape, revive your dying landscape, or maintain your beautiful lawn, we are here to help. Our experience and expertise at My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing speak for us. 


From innovative landscape design to seamless testconstruction and continuous landscape and lawn maintenance, we serve the Denver metro area, and our skilled team will guide you through every step in bringing the landscape or yard of your dream to life. 

Our Denver Landscaping Services

Landscape Design

We often work with clients who are not sure what to do with their landscape or need help figuring out what kind of plants and sprinkler system to install. But you can leave all that worry to us. Our approach is centered on understanding your lifestyle, preferences, and property’s unique characteristics. 


This personalized touch is one of the things that sets us apart. Through detailed consultations, mood boards, and virtual walkthroughs, we design the landscape that captures your expectations and delivers the quality you can be proud of.


Landscape Construction

When transitioning from landscaping design to reality, My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing takes pride in our meticulous landscape construction process. We use innovative precision tools to achieve intricate detailing that delights homeowners.


Our detailed construction process focuses on quality, efficiency, and transparent communication. We use advanced tools like laser levels for precise grading and the latest equipment for hardscape installations. This ensures that every landscape element is constructed with the utmost precision.


Landscape and Lawn Maintenance

At My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing, we don’t just design and build landscapes or mow lawns – we nurture them. We use specialized equipment for aeration and fertilization, and our approach is rooted in tailored personalization. We conduct soil analysis to determine specific needs, employ precision mowing techniques, and implement customized fertilization plans. 


Our experts focus on holistic landscape and lawn health, and depending on your plan, we can take care of your landscape maintenance for as long as you want us to. We also utilize eco-friendly products, implement water-conservation strategies, and prioritize organic lawn care. Our goal is a beautiful lawn and a healthy, resilient green space.



Landscape Renovation

Our renovation process starts with a thorough assessment of your current landscape. We use advanced tools for excavation, plant removal, and recycling of materials. Whether it’s updating hardscapes or reimagining plant layouts, we will transform the appearance of your landscape and bring it back to life.


As part of our landscaping services, we salvage and repurpose materials wherever possible, ensuring sustainable practices in our renovations. The final result is typically a landscape that retains the charm of the past while embracing modern design and functionality.


[Image] Sprinkler System Installation and Maintenance

At My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing, we like to think that efficient watering is the backbone of a thriving, lush green landscape. So, we employ cutting-edge tools to ensure precise sprinkler system installation and maintenance and optimal hydration.


Too much hydration can also be bad for your landscape, so our sprinkler installation process includes a detailed assessment of your landscape’s water needs. We utilize trenching equipment for minimal disruption during installation and employ pressure gauges for accurate calibration. We will conduct regular inspections to ensure the system operates at peak efficiency.



Yard Clean-Up

A clean slate begins with efficient yard clean-up, and My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing brings a unique approach and comprehensive set of tools for the task. We use powerful leaf blowers for debris removal, precise trimmers for trimming overgrown vegetation, and chippers for efficient branch disposal, among many other essential tools. We identify and address potential landscaping issues, ensuring your property looks its best.



Let Us Bringing Your Vision to Life: Booking an Initial Assessment Today

Scheduling a preliminary assessment with My Son’s Landscaping & Fencing is a straightforward process designed with your convenience in mind. Homeowners can initiate a free landscape assessment through our website or at [business phone]. Once scheduled, one of our experts will reach out to discuss a visit to your property, and we can map out how best to achieve your vision for your landscape.